Savannah Adult Soccer League

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LEAGUE RULES                                                                                                                               


60 X 40 yards with penalty area, goals (6’-6” x 18’ ) Ball: size 5



Men’s and Women's games are played with five field players and a goalie.  Coed teams must have 2 female players on the field. The minimum number of players on the field to play a game is four. Only the players that are on your roster are eligible to play. Players are not eligible to compete on more than one team in the same division. Teams caught with an ineligible player will be required to Forfeit that match.


Teams may have unlimited subs: 1) either team's goal kick 2) after a goal is scored 3) during injury time out 4) possession throw-ins except when one team sub's then the other team can sub 5) before start of new period 6) after a yellow card has been issued. Carded players must be substituted for except for keepers. No subs will be permitted on the fly or indirect/direct kicks. Referee must approve all subs.


SHINGUARDS ARE MANDATORY and must be completely covered by socks.  All players that are on the field must wear shinguards.


Home teams are required to change uniforms if primary colors conflict.  No shirts vs. skins.


2 x 25 minute halves per game with a 3 minute halftime. Offsides does not apply.  In case of a tie after regulation time, the game will finish as a tie game except for playoffs.


Sudden Death/Golden Goal will be used to determine a winner.  The overtime will be restarted like the beginning of the game.  If there is no winner after 5 minutes then each team will remove one player from the field switch sides and continue on. After 5 more minutes with no winner a second player will be removed and so on until a winner is declared.


Opposing players must be at least 5 yards away prior to all restarts. Restarts do not have to go forward after goals & to start periods. No drop balls in penalty area.



All free kicks will indirect except for penalty kicks. Opposing players must remain at least 5 yards from the ball. Once the referee signals for play to continue, the kicker has 5 seconds to play the ball.  Indirect free kick must be taken outside of the goal area. Slide tackling is not permitted.


1) A goalkeeper having control of the ball in his/her hands and having released it from his/her hands to be played either by himself/herself or a teammate shall not handle the ball again until it has been touched by an opponent or a stoppage of play occurs.

2) Goalkeepers may not handle the ball intentionally foot passed to them by a teammate. Punishment: an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the top of the penalty box.

3) Once the goalkeeper has handled the ball they have 5 seconds to put the ball back in play. Failure to do so will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team at the top of the penalty box.
4) Goalkeepers may not play throw ins with their hands.


1) A penalty kick shall be taken at the top of the penalty box. All players except the kicker and the opposing goalkeeper must stand outside the top of the penalty area and 5 yards away from the ball. Players are not permitted on either side of the penalty area.

2) On indirect kicks players must remain 5 yards from ball.  Yellow cards will be awarded to players who slow down the flow of the game by not providing the mandatory 5 yards. No subs during any penalty kicks.


The 5 second rule also apply for throw-ins. The opposing team will regain possession after a 5 second infraction.


Goal kicks are taken 1 yard off the end line, anywhere inside the penalty area (One step off goal line). Once the ball is retrieved, the player has 5 seconds to play the ball. Punishment: an indirect kick will be awarded, to the opposing team, at top of the penalty area. Goal kicks must exit penalty area to be considered in play.


Opposing players must be at least 5 yards away and the 5 second rule applies.


Players ejected from a match (Red Card) will be suspended for at least the following match. A player that accumulates 2 yellow cards in one match will be ejected from the match and will also be subject to suspension for the following match. Offensive language is a yellow card offense. Ejections for fighting or any other actions deemed violent may result in additional suspensions from any further play. The final decisions regarding length of suspension will be made by Savannah Soccer management.  A player ejected may be replaced with another player after 5 minutes.


One referee will be assigned to each match.


Check the Savannah Soccer website to find out if games are to be played as scheduled.

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