Savannah Adult Soccer League

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Savannah Soccer has organized adult soccer leagues in the Savannah and entire Low Country area for the past 10 years.  We have women's, co-ed and men's divisions.

This 2015 Fall league we'll have over 80 teams playing in 11 divisions.  The divisions are 1 women's, 4 coed, 1 over 35 and 5 men's divisions.

The 2015 Summer league had 46 teams in 6 divisions: 2 coed and 4 men's divisions.

The 2015 Spring league had 90 teams playing in 12 divisions.  We had 1 women's, 4 coed, 2 Over 35 and 5 men's divisions.

The 2014 Fall league had over 80 teams playing in 11 divisions.  The divisions were 1 women's, 3 coed, 2 over 35 and 5 men's divisions.

We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.


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Independent FC - Fall 2014
Men's A Division Champions!!!!!!!

Warpspeed - Fall 2014
Coed B Division Champions!!!

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